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the switch manager

ooo switchkitteh will take care of switch for you k?

ok okyes… i will take good care of it for chu

whatcha looking atwhatcha looking at?

i'm boredbahhhh i’m bored now… stupid job…

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kitteh and the commodore 64

are you kidding me?



ooo joystick

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when the cat meets the rack

getting comfy on the server

there's the problem

i found the problem! i fix it for you k?

i fixed it

i fixed it for you

just spotted another problem in therethere’s something wrong back there

climbingjust testing out the keyboard

not as comfy as i thoughthmmm not as comfy as i thought…

this feels alot betterthis feels lot comfier

fan too noisy light too bright!

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caturday madness!!

happy kittehdreamin’ about caturday


more wool

can i playi can play game?

come play with me

come join me

cat and string

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