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kitteh clock

what time is it

paddy gear time



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just being paddy

kitteh and mousekitteh and mouse

cat in box againin my favourite box

tiredtired from the trip to the vet

toysJo made me more toys for being a good boy at the vet’s. I’ve got a new pillow/bolster, a LocoRoco, Ocarina from Zelda and a Patapon!

checking out my new pillowchecking out my new pillow


It’s day 2 of my litter kwitter training and i’m still a little confused where my litter box is now…

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Paddy vs The Loco Roco

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paddy surfing

paddy surfing
pussy surfing


server 1

hiding in the server rack again

server 2

more toys
Jo made me more toys again!

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sun tanning
sun tanning on the ledge


googlingupdating my catbook status

sleepy guitar herosleepy guitar hero



sleeping in rob's arms

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paddy and the box

P1010372oh noes! you has found me!

cat in a boxcat in the box

oh hai-ohai! fancy seeing you here…

geeky toyslook at all the new toys Jo made for me!! i like!

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