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Happy Kitteh is currently on a hiatus! We are busy with various projects and will be back with updates soon!

Meanwhile please visit Paddy’s Garden @¬†for any new posts on Paddy,


‘like’ Paddy at his facebook page to see more updates on Paddy!




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paddy’s garden

Paddy’s Garden is now launched! Head on over to for more Paddy and his little adventures in gardening!

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on hiatus

Happykitteh is on a break for 2 weeks while Rob and Jo go on their holidays.

Paddy is currently being cared for by nanna Max and is having a lot of fun in the new environment.

where's the water

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the laundry basket

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belly contented

comfy wumfy

wanna come rub my belleh?

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Happy Birthday Rob!

happy birthday

happy birthday

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Paddy vs The Loco Roco

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paddy types!

i type


paddy's message

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paddy and jimmy


Rob thinks we look alike…

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paddy got wet


wet cat 2

i fell into the bathtub…

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