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look at me!

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DS cat no.2

Paddy the wannabe DS cat

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all boys weekend caturday post

This is how Paddy helps to sort documents…

“you are doing it wrong!”

where’s Rob?¬†Paddy wants to play!

waiting to play ball with Rob

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long weekend caturday

Please head on over to Paddy’s garden ( for more of Paddy!

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missing caturday post

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caturday morning playtime

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paddy and domo kun

watashi wa domo kun desu

help! domo kun is being attacked!

oh oh! face-down! domo kun is dead?!

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we’re back

sorry for the delay but posting will resume shortly! we have a backlog of pictures taken by nanna Maxine which we will be posting shortly!

meanwhile, here are some recent pictures of Paddy to tide over with!

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bumper caturday post

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punchbowl paddy

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