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paddy explores the car

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DS cat no.2

Paddy the wannabe DS cat

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long weekend caturday with no sleep in

More pictures of Paddy over the Foundation Day long weekend can be found on Paddy’s Garden.

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cold cold caturday

happy in box tunnel

can i help you with the ironing?

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all boys weekend caturday post

This is how Paddy helps to sort documents…

“you are doing it wrong!”

where’s Rob?¬†Paddy wants to play!

waiting to play ball with Rob

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long weekend caturday

Please head on over to Paddy’s garden ( for more of Paddy!

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playing dead on Jo’s book and netbook

this is how hoomans sit right?

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starfleet command

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keyboard cat

Paddy just 10 weeks ago… growing way too fast!!

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4 months 15 days old

Paddy’s 4 months 15 days old today and see how much i have grown!

at the top of my scratching palace

round orange eyes

large paws

using the netbook

chatting with grandma on skype

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