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look at me!

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random photos

so comfy and nice…

refusing to let go of the ball even when carried

vampire cat impresshun

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Paddy’s pot

This is my pot!! Don’t you dare come near it!

What did I say? IT’S MY POT!!!!

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DS cat no.2

Paddy the wannabe DS cat

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turn on the light!

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box kitteh

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the steamboat watchcat

can we eat now please?

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the kitteh and the red wine

what’s that?

sniff sniff

let me take a closer look

i’m not sure if i like it

but i’ll keep staring at it

keep staring…

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computer says no post

The netbook had been out of action, thus lack of action in Happy Kitteh…

That’s actually a pretty lame excuse as we do have 6 other working PCs around the house… Jo just got lazy. meh.

more to come… promise!

meanwhile, please check out Paddy’s Garden for more updates!

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